Sunday, February 3, 2008

Comfort Food - Delivered

Friday nights are no-cook nights for my wife and I. Often it means stopping off somewhere for cocktails after work. Sometimes I'll stop off at Cioffi's and grab some charcuterie, cheese and marinated eggplant. Janine often stops off a the BCLDB to add to our collection of $15 wines. Tonight, it was pizza and lasagne ... and a bottle of the aforementioned wine.

This is NOT gourmet. It's crappy pizza that arrives with a shimmering layer of sausage greese and half the cheese stuck to the lid of the box. It's crappy lasagne that is less "lasagne" and more "a pile of noodles in a aluminum foil pan covered in Ragu and "cheese". It's a delivery guy who's just a kid who's busting his ass to earn enough money to keep his '82 Civic on the road.

But no-cook nights aren't about "great" anything (except maybe the wine which was an '05 Ten Mile). No-cook nights are about celebrating the end of the week and remembering to take a few moments with each other and simply slow down. It's about not having to do dishes and letting the dogs get sauce on their snouts.

Oh yeah - it also means pizza for breakfast.

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