Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Olympic Liege Team

I am a breakfast person. Without some fuel in the tank first thing in the morning, I'm cranky and quite honestly not that much fun to be around. Monday - Friday it's an easy ritual: lattes from my beloved Oscar and a bowl of whatever cereal is in the pantry. Fruit often makes an appearance.

Weekends, however, are a different story.

I have the blessed fortune of having to work the occasional Saturday. Besides allowing me the opportunity to drink excessive amounts of coffee while trying to catch up on drawings, it allows me to seek out some of the better breakfast places in town before I open the showroom.

I am a huge fan of places like Helens Grill, Berts and the late Melriches in Yaletown. Figmint makes one of the best hash-n-eggs anywhere and Provence Marinaside is my go to place for al fresco brekkies in the summer.

This morning, after an obscenely huge king crab dinner the night before, I was looking for something a little less ... heavy. The folks that run Chambar have opened Medina, a beautiful little cafe that specializes in coffee and liege (Belgian style waffles). 

The menu is simple enough; the usual suspects in the coffee world paired with a waffle, topped (or not) in one of 10 or so toppings. $6. A liege on its own is $3, and the toppings are $1. They've also got fruit, granola and smoooooothies for the tree-huggers.

Its important to understand that these are not IHOP waffles, in that they have flavour. They're also not gargantuan, nor are they smothered in whipped topping. A light dusting of powdered sugar and a dish of your topping of choice is all that is required. I selected the blueberry-vanilla compote, and my wife picked the fig-orange marmalade.

In liege toppings, as in husbands, Janine made the best choice. The blueberries were fine, although I didn't get much vanilla flavour. But the marmalade was perfectly tart. It also, strangely, went better with the cappuccinos. Who knew?

My only complaint? The liege aren't very big. Which isn't really a complaint as it is an indication of how lazy I was that morning. I could have easily ordered another, but with Janine sitting there and us both trying to save calories for an upcoming trip to San Francisco ... well the guilt would have killed me. So, if you're really hungry, order two.

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