Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oogie Oogie Oogie

Further to a post I made back in February about sporting snacks, I felt a research trip was in order to Swanguard Stadium. The Whitecaps were opening the season against the Montreal Impact (cheats! losers! cat beaters!) and the weather had briefly decided to cooperate. Janine and I hopped on transit and let the #28 weave its way through Burnaby to Central Park.

The weather had brought out the fair-weather fans (I include myself among them) and the grounds around the stadium were packed! It was a nice sight, and I hope those who oppose the Waterfront Stadium took note. Swanguard, as lovely a setting as it is, is woefully inadequate as a serious soccer venue. Let's get this damn thing built!

We'd spent the day doing yardwork, and had deliberately gone light on lunch so as to save room for some serious noshing. Prospects looked good as we smelled the smokey wisps of open air grilling. Burgers, dogs ... and a monstrous line-up. Now, I'm all for a good burger, but waiting for 20 minutes is another issue. We pushed on to see what else we could find.

I'm sorry to say that aside from a couple concesion stands under the seats, there's slim pickins at Swanguard. However, we did find a pretty awesome gyro stand. Chicken, beef, lamb and falafel were on the menu, and the lineup was considerably shorter. 2 lamb were procured (extremely tender and tastey!) and we set off for beverages.

Here, I am happy to say, Swanguard has done a pretty good job. One word won me over: Guinness! They had the standard Molson, Labatts, OK Springs, Granville Island ... but Guinness made me smile the smile of a footy fan with nothing but a weekend derby and a flat of cans to keep him company.

Oh, and we beat the Impact 1-0. Eddy Subrango was the goal scorer.

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