Monday, June 23, 2008

The Boys Are Back

The great baseball tradition Vancouver has remains unknown to many. This tradition involves much more than local Major Leaguers like Larry Walker, Ryan Dempster, et al and includes teams like The Capilanos and The Mounties. It also includes Nat Bailey (formerly Capilano) Stadium at the foot of Little Mountain. Even if the C's aren't winning, an afternoon on the 3rd base line is pretty spectacular.

Baseball has touched my family too, if only slightly. My grandfather was aparently quite the hurler in his day and was given a tryout with the Mounties in the 50's. In the 80's, when Tripple-A ball came back to Vancouver, I worked a couple summers at the Nat as an usher. So the opportunity to take my sons to a game is pretty special. Last Friday, the C's had their first "nooner" of the season, and I took Matt (just finishing his exams) to enjoy the afternoon.

The new owners have done a great job of sprucing up the stadium. A fresh coat of paint, a new souvenier store and baseball "museum", and a renewed commitment to terrific ballpark food! They are one of the few stadiums in North America to serve Nathans hot dogs, and they also serve up Johnston's Brats. A little 'kraut and a pale ale and all is well with the world.

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