Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Transit & Poached Eggs

Have you seen the price of gas lately? It's enough to make you reconsider that 2nd vehicle, or at least the size of the first. I'm pretty pleased with the Subaru we have. Nothing fancy, but it's been really reliable and is pretty decent with the gas.

Still, it seamed to me that many days I simply drove to the showroom in the morning, and drove back at the end of the day. A few Saturdays back I started taking transit to the office. It saves on gas, makes for a more relaxing morning, and gives my wife the vehicle if she needs it to run some chores. I just hop the Skytrain to Commerical Drive and take the B-Line to Cambie.

This past Saturday, being a particularly warm one, I decided to skip the Cambie Ditch fiasco and get of the bus at Main. A nice walk up through the Mount Pleasant streets always relaxes me, and there are some nice breakfast stops on Main Street as well. My original destination was Bert's ... or Slickety Jim's. Both excellent choices. But Jim's was packed that morning, and before I could get to Bert's, I came across the Sunny Spot Cafe.

We've all seen places like the Sunny Spot. They're non-descript diners with Formica tables, hand-written signs scotch-taped to the windows announcing the specials of the day and a pile of newspapers near the front door, none of which are current. The Sunny Spot attracted me for one reason ... the breakfast special. It was called The Pacific Benny: toasted bagel topped with poached eggs, smoked salmon, Hollandaise ... and caviar! I kid you not.

Now, I did not have the Pacific Benny. Caviar is NOT a very Pacific product (not yet anyway) and I support truth in advertising ... and caviar for breakfast without a glass of Cava is just wrong.

I chose the Corned Beef Hash. True, the corned beef was of the pre-formed sandwich variety. But the potatoes and other veggies were freshly cut and cooked that morning ... a truly top drawer hash. And to top it all off, the eggs were poached nice and runny, just the way I likes'em. A few mugs of really god coffee and working Saturday was almost tolerable.

The Sunny Spot Cafe
2543 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
V5T 3E5
(604) 872-1816

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