Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being Piggy in the Emerald City

We had tried. Seriously. At least 3 times before this trip we had made honest but unsuccessful attempts to visit Salumi in Seattle. Sometimes we missed their regular hours. Another we visited when they were on holidays. It seemed a visit was just not in the cards.

For those who don't know about Salumi, it is a tiny hole-in-the-wall salumerie run by Armandino Batali, father to chef Mario Batali. The cured meats are so amazing they're legendary even without Mario's family connection.

This store is a temple to all things porcine: prosciutto (he also offers an excellent lamb prosciutto), smoked paprika sausage, sopressano ... the full list can be found HERE. The day we were there they even had pork skin crackling! Salumi also features on any given day a selection of 10 sandwiches, as well as deli-meat take out.

So it was on this trip that we actually made it to Salumi, and it was open!

You are greeted at the door by 3 things: a chalk board spelling out the days menu choices, the intoxicating aroma of cured meats and GARLIC, and a line-up. Don't let the line-up put you off ... it moves quite quickly. But be warned, you should have your choice made well in advance of reaching the counter. They move quickly here, and indecision doesn't help your cause.

Porcetta with onions & pepper on baguette.
Smoked paprika salumi and Gorgonzola on olive bread.
We took lunch down to the piers beside Ivars (on Alaskan Way) for an impromptu picnic. Without going overboard with superlatives, the porcetta was one of the best sandwiches EVAR! I'm not sure if it was the shredded pork or the copious amounts of garlic and olive oil spread on the bread ... but I'm sure I really don't care. It was amazing. The smoked paprika was also good, but nowhere near as messy and gooey and scrumptious.

A warning for Salumi visitors: Call ahead if you just want to order deli meat to go. Lunch time line-ups for the sandwiches prevents staff from doing a lot of cutting. Another warning: get there early for lunch. Many of their daily specials sell out early.

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats
309 Third Ave South Seattle, WA
(between Main and Jackson, across from Seattle Lighting)
Restaurant Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm


  1. Oooh that sandwich looks good. Thanks.

  2. It WAS good! It was so big that I only got through 1/2 of it. Thankfully we had a fridge in our hotel room so that sandwich became breakfast the morning after.

  3. 'm a friend of b's living in seattle. saw your posting through a link on his page. glad you got to try salumi. if you're down in sea-town and looking for more pork goodness try a cuban sandwich place called paseo in fremont. cheers!

  4. Great! I've heard of Paseo from some other foodie folk in Seattle. We usually stay in Queen Anne, so it won't be far for more porky goodness.

    Thanks for reading!


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