Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Are You Gonna Be When You Grow Up?

If I could go back and re-do my career choices, knowing what I know about myself now, I would work in the kitchen. Without a doubt. It's too late now to make a career change (YES, IT IS), so the cooking in my life remains a hobby. A wonderful hobby. But it won't ever be my career.

However, I have kids. And I can love vicariously through them.

My eldest graduates this year, and made a terrific discovery last year. There are many schools in BC that offer trades training as the curriculum for the last year of high school. There's metal fabrication, hair dressing, mechanics ... and culinary! Yes, my son is spending his last year of high school chopping, sauté-ing and baking his way to his Dogwood (high school graduation in BC).

The school he attends operates a fully operating kitchen out of the school, and opens it's kitchen to the public Tuesday to Friday. Over the last 3 weeks we've been treated to Pasta Carbonara, Salmon Wellington and Beef Burritos. There's also a choice of starch and veg ... all for only only $7. Add salad bar for $2.50 and desserts for under $2 and there's an inexpensive meal for 2 for under $20.

Now, I might be biased, but the food has been really excellent. At the beginning of the year, little things were missed ... seasoning was off, food was a bit under temperature ... but as the year progressed these kids really started to hit their stride. Last week, we arrived to a huge lineup and before we could get to the kitchen, they sold out of food. We missed out on Schntizel, but Chef was able to find us some Lamb Currey and roast potatoes.

In Metro Vancouver, many of these programmes are taught in conjunction with VCC. Graduating students receive credit ofr post secondary eduction. Check out the high schools in your area. You might find the next Rob Feenie, Jeff Van Geest or Andrey Durbach in development. Or you might find my son. Either way, you'll be well fed.

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  1. just catching up...
    Great program. Remind me which school? Also, if your son has time & wants to come visit at the Community Meal kitchen in Richmond, he is always welcome. Except in Dec., when we are on "break". email me for details.


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