Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Skinny On Skinny's

It's been hot here lately. Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kinda hot. And when it gets this kinda hot, our family heads to the hills to seek refuge in the Coquihalla at our family cabin. The mountain air, the lake, and a chance to unwind. A perfect way to spend a long weekend.

A weekend at the cabin also means a visit to Skinny's in Hope. Skinny's is probably my favorite diner in the world. The food is basic but well done, service is friendly and the decor consists of exposed fir beams and stuffed Looney Tune characters.

This trip we stopped for breakfast.  Breakfast at Skinny's isn't about granola or whole wheat pancakes.  It's about griddle fried hash browns that crunch even after the egg yolk as soaked into them for a while.  It's about that bottomless cup of coffee that has you making a several rest-stop breaks once you're back on the road.  It's about a short order cook who knows how to soft baste an egg.  It's about having all those things at breakfast you deny yourself the rest of the week, but because it's the weekend ... why not?

Farmer's Sausage with Skinny's famous potato pancakes.
Lancaster Scramble with cheese sauce and hash browns.
Skinny's also does a mean dinner, and has live music on Saturday evenings.

Skinny's Grille
263810 Flood Hope Rd
Hope, BC, V0X1L2.

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