Thursday, September 3, 2009

PNE 2009 - Chilliwack & Barney Bentall

This is all Chilliwack's fault really ... all this eating and concert-going. Back when they announced the concert line-up for the fair, it was Chilliwack I was really excited about seeing. Not that the other acts we've seen so far haven't been great. It's just that so many songs by Chilliwack are part of my life's "soundtrack."

My original plan was to spend the majority of the day at the Fair, and eat lots for your entertainment. I mean, this entry was going to be EPIC. Unfortunately work got in the way, and I wasn't able to set foot on the grounds until almost 5. On the upside, I was able to use the new Canada Line as part of my trip from the office.

I'd deliberatley not eaten since breakfast, so when the #10 pulled up to Renfrew & Hastings, I made a dash for the Food Midway, and the Corn Dog stand. Now I know what you're thinking ... "never eat the corn dogs." But this has been a tradition for me since I was old enough to go to the fair by myself. And truth be told, they're really good, provided you get them fresh out of the frier. Cold grease can be nasty.

I met up with J and her friend C (who, after knowing her for 10 years, I found out is related to Bill Henderson!) who had spent the day watching Superdogs, and scoping out Brazillian dog trainers. A quick break at Central Park BBQ, where we treated ourselves to Chilliwack's sound check and a pint of pale ale.

Next up ... Curry in a Hurry! This is not the best Indian food you will ever eat. This is however the best Indian food you will eat outside while the smell of little donuts tempts you with ideas for dessert, and you're "entertained" by the line-up of people at the "old-time photo" booth.

The selection is pretty plain. 3 meat curries (including a damn fine butter chicken) and 4 vegetable curries, alomg with the usual naan, pakoras, samosas, etc. For $11 you can get a Veggie Platter with 3 curries, rice, naan and a drink. We shared one of those, along with an order of samosas and some veggie pakoras.

A tip if you find yourself at Curry in a Hurry, they have picnic tables out behind their stand. Covered with a nice view of the park that has grown inside the fairgrounds.

Concert #1 - Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts

Not bad for a band that really only had a couple minor hits in Canada. Barney always looks like he's having a good time anyway. "I Feel Old" moment - he's a grandfather.

I have never had a Funnel Cake. Never really knew what one was until this year. Kind like a big deep fried pancake made out of a string of dough, and then topped with stuff like whipped cream and strawberries. For $8 the deluxe is big enough for sharing (HAHAHA!!!). They make them as you wait, so if there's a lineup at the stand (over near the Coliseum) I'd wait for a bit.

Concert #2 - Chilliwack

'Nuff said. Thanks for the memories Bill.

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