Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home Grown Hallowe'en

Halowe'en isn't really a big deal in our neighbourhood. Which is really a shame. As a kid I can remember going door to door all evening, returning home only to empty my pillowcase full of treats. The houses that gave the best treats we visited at least twice, changing costumes up amongst my friends so as to avoid being discovered.

Hundreds of kids did the same, keeping my parents, and those of all the neighbours handing our candy until at least 9 at night. Today, we're lucky if we see 20 trick-or-treaters in an evening. Times have changed, and our neighbourhood is thin on young families. Still, every year, J and I carve pumpkins and try to keep the dogs quiet when we give candy to the kids.

This year, our jack-o-lanters came from our own garden, and even though they managed to take up a disproportionately large amount of the garden plot, the resulting pumpkins were really beautiful. The one on the right was especially pretty, developing a really deep orange skin ... along with a really thick shell. Very tough to carve, but I think you'll agree we managed alright.

Happy Halloween!
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  1. I love your Jack'o'lanterns! We always grow that pumpkin variety.....they make better pies too! Happy Hallowe'en!


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