Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beer Tasting - Inedit (Swing ... and a Miss)

Sometimes it's best just to leave things well enough alone.

Like when Michael Jordan retired from baseball and tried his hand at baseball. Or when Elvis tried his hand at acting. I'm all for branching out. I understand sometimes being the best at one thing can get boring. But what if that "one thing" is all you're really meant to do?

Take Ferran Adria for example. He's considered by many to be the top chef in the world, pushing our perceptions of food at his restaurant in Spain, "el Bulli." So when he was unable to find a beer to go with his cutting edge food, he thought "why don't I make one instead?"

Ferran teamed up with brewers Estrella Damm and created "Inedit". Complete with a set of serving instructions strapped to the neck of the bottle, Inedit is described as "the first beer specifically created to accompany food. It is born from the conviction that a beer that could be paired with the utmost respect to the best cuisine was necessary. That is its aim and its virtue, and that is what makes Inedit different, special and unique."

Excuse me??? I thought it was beer. Silly me.

My taste test took place around Halloween (as you can tell by the photo.) The picture now seems eerily appropriate. Water and unintersting is how I would describe this beer, and I'm being kind. For a designer beer it's surprisingly inexpensive, but that could be due to the fact that it's just not selling. I seem to remember paying more for it in October. Regardless, I don't see how it could work well with food, when it doesn't even play well on its own.

If you're hoping for a little peek inside the world of Ferran Adria for the cost of beer, I'd buy something drinkable and watch "Decoding Adria" instead.

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