Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BBQ - Southside Style

Regular readers (and I'd like to thank both of you!) will be aware that I'm quite passionate about two things: BBQ (Smoking) and Football (Soccer). This past weekend these two passions combined, and I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into ...

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC started their 2010 campaign at Swangard Stadium last weekend, and the Southsiders held their inaugural tailgate festivities before the game. The Southsiders are the supporters group for the 'Caps. Their loud, obnoxious, rude, crude ... everything you look for in a supporters group. Watching the game with them from the south end of the Swangard pitch is a combination of mosh pit and gospel choir.

The Whitecaps are making the jump up to the MLS next year, and subsequently, so are the Southsiders. This is quite the big deal. The Southside will be moving from a handful of loyal supporters, to thousands of fans ranging from old timers who "were there in '79" to those who want to get in on the latest scene. It's a big change, and the Southsiders are already raising money in preparation.

This is where the BBQ fits in. When I heard the opening tailgate was to be a fundraiser, I saw a chance to help out a great bunch of people while at the same time breaking in the smokers for a new season. After all, the Luau is only a month away and any chance to practice smoking is as good an excuse as any!

Butts were procured, rubbed and smoked, and some 45 Southsiders were introduced to the joys of pulled pork! It didn't hurt that the weather was fantastic, and that it's been 6 months since the last game. Even coach Teitur Thordarson, assistant coach Colin Miller, and goalie coach Mike Salmon came for a visit. Saddly their strict diet prevented them from enjoying the pulled pork (WTF???), but their support was greatly appreciated by the fans.

So who says you can't have it all? And the Whitecaps won by the way, defeating NSC Minnesota 2-0.

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  1. It was really awesome by the way. I'd never had it before. It was so good. Thanks!


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