Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Saviour Effect

Ever fealt like you could walk on water? Then this may be the swimming pool for you ..

So you're not technically walking on water, but the effect would be pretty cool at the first party you hosted after installing the Hydrofloor.  Swimming pools take up a lot of floorspace, but with the Hydrofloor the pool you swam in in the morning, can become the floor you dance on at night.  The floors can also be stopped at any point in between creating a safe swimming environment for kids.  And as an added bonus, when the pool is "closed" the floor is insulated so heat loss is minimized.

Now if you could just get Cirque du Soleil to perform "O" for you.


  1. Seems to be too slow to be practical (assuming that you host parties for 200 dancing) but should be a cool idea for hotels in Vegas or all-inclusives that want to create a different atmosphere by night and a safer environment for kids by day.

  2. If I'm correct it appears that this type of system would only be good for a flat bottomed pool but that pools with a "deep end" would be left in the cold so to speak. What I do like is that in places like California where providing fences around your pool is a requirement, this eliminates the need.

    To comment with Claudio above, I think the slowness could be mitigated by braking the floor unit into sections, dropping each at different times so it allows more water to flow through more openings. Additionally, weep holes puncturing the surface at multiple junctions would also be good.

    All in all, good concept, but needs some work to be truly of good function.


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