Friday, April 1, 2011

An Extreme Example of "Useful Spaces"

I chose the name "useful spaces" for this blog because it describes my design philosophy.  It's not about the size of the space you have, it's how that space is used.  I've shown several examples of clever use of space on "useful spaces" before, but I think this may be the best example I've ever seen.

In Japan, Fuyuhito Moriya bought a 10 square metre parking space and wondered if it was large enough to build a home on.  Turns out, it was:

He built his minuscule home for about $500,000 which for Tokyo is a real bargain.  

"Size is not that important," he says. "More important for me is the atmosphere, the surroundings and the neighborhood. You reside in the building, but I'm focused on living in a particular area and environment. So the size of my home isn't as important as that."


  1. Wow! Great use of space, indeed! This is just what I need!

    Brenda Lynn

  2. Wow! This takes maximizing every inch/mm to all new level. Great post

  3. hmmmm . . . $500,000 which for Tokyo is a real bargain. ?????

  4. follow-up :~) very cool and I have noticed many postings recently on pods, tiny lean-tos etc. for a guy who lived in tent for awhile (don't judge me) kinda appealing.

  5. jb - Right in downtown Tokyo it would be a deal at $500K. You should come up and check out the pricing of the Vancouver real estate market sometime. Not far off Tokyo.

    @Lori & Brenda .. thanks for your comments! I love this sort of design. It's a real challenge to work with limited spaces and any new idea I can find helps.

  6. 30 square meters is actually almost as big as my livingroom, Arne. From the images it looks more like the place it was built on was 10 square meters, and 30 m2 total for the living space.

  7. You're right Lucy! Corrected the info in the article.


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