Monday, January 16, 2012

NIM: Fog Free Shaving Mirror

I shave in the shower.  That's probably more than you needed (or wanted) to know, but I tell you this because it's one of those little things that's important to know when you design a bathroom for the man of the house.  The issue for shower-shavers is not where to put the shaving cream or hang the razor whilst showering, but how to deal with a mirror that's constantly fogging up.

I use a simple wall mounted mirror, which conveniently also has slots to hang my razors.  But several times while I'm shaving off that manly stubble every morning I'm forced to swing the shower head across the mirror and wash the condensation away.  As long as that mirror is able to cool down that's always going to be an issue.

This is the Reflect and it's a great example of a design idea so brilliant in its simplicity.  The mirror doubles as your shower head, allowing the warm water to run behind the mirror, thus preventing condensation.  The only issues I have with it are A) it means I couldn't use a hand-held shower head without some major re-plumbing, and B) there are no cool little hooks for my razors.

It retails for $295 (USD) and is conveniently available from the Reflect website.


  1. that's really handy. i need those because when i shave the mirror is always fogging. nice item

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