Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SketchUp: Follow Me to EASIER Crowns

I'm confident enough in my SketchUp abilities (or lack thereof so it seems) to admit when I've got something wrong, or at the very least to admit there's a better way to do something than the way I've done it since the beginning of time.

Back in October of 2011, I wrote about how I use SketchUp's extremely useful "Follow Me" tool.  Essentially, I told you to select the face to extrude with the tool, and then drag it along the path you wanted it to follow.  No sooner had that post gone live than Google put up a post with how to properly use the Follow Me tool.  I'm talking 2 days!  It's like the SketchUp guys were all laughing amongst themselves, saying "Let's let that Useful Spaces post sit up a little longer, and then let the world know how wrong he is!"

So, with my ego still in tact, here is the correct way to use the Follow Me tool, courtesy of the SketchUp blog.

1) Make sure your extrusion profile (a face) and your extrusion path (one or more edges) are set up the way you want them to be.

2) Select (with the Select Tool) the edges that make up the extrusion path you want to use.

 3) Activate the Follow Me Tool by clicking its icon or choosing Tools > Follow Me. When you active Follow Me, the edges you selected in Step 2 will appear to deselect; they won't be highlighted anymore. Don't worry, though -- they're still selected.

4) Click (with the Follow Me Tool) the face you want to extrude.

5) Everything happens in a flash. Voilà!

Now, in my defense, I still think my way looks much cooler, but if you're doing a lengthy extrusion this is most definitely the way to go.

All pictures from Google


  1. Arne, have you tried Profile Builder?

  2. Okay ... I Googled it.

    Holy CRAP!

  3. Isn't that an awesome plugin!! I did a review on it a WHILE back, I use it every day! (PS, you should switch to DISQUS so I remember to come back here! :) )

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