Thursday, January 26, 2012

TopBrewer - Blending Great Coffee with Great Design

This post is published at 6:00am PST, right around the time when I'm starting up the espresso machine in my kitchen.  Later the same morning I'll go into the office and start up another coffee maker.  Coffee, and in particular caffeine has become a daily part of many of our lives.  The trouble with many of these machines is they are pretty bulky and quite honestly unattractive.  I know my Oscar (pictured here) bothers my wife to no end.  That is until I use it to make her morning latt√©.  It's all about compromise.

But there's no compromise when it comes to the TopBrewer from Scanomat.  The TopBrewer is one of the most elegant coffee machines I've ever seen, and based on reviews from some of the top baristas in the world it brews a damn fine espresso.

Amazing isn't it?  The iPhone/iPad integration alone would cut my productivity by an easy 20%.  Granted, this isn't going to replace a countertop espresso maker, but in your office or a kitchen large enough for another water cooler, the TopBrewer may just be the answer.
But before you go rushing out looking for a TopBrewer, distribution in Canada is still in the works.  It's very new on the market.  Check with their website for details about distribution in your area.

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