Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be Colourful in Your Kitchen

I hate colour "trends".  Every year Pantone come out with a "Colour of the Year" and designers (fashion, interior, industrial and otherwise) all ooh and aah. For a month or two blog posts and magazine articles wax poetic about how this colour will infiltrate our lives.  This year's Pantone colour is Tangerine Tango.  Last year it was Honeysuckle.  Guess it's time to paint the kitchen again.

Please don't misinterpret my dislike of "trends" with that of the colours themselves.  I love vibrant colour ... anything but beige please!  I just don't like being told what looks great.

Silestone (quartz surfacing) has also embraced some of the more lively colours of the spectrum; their Orange Cool is really close to Tangerine Tango, and even Rossa Monza plays well in this spectrum.  The trouble for many of my clients is that some of these colours are just a bit "much" for one room.  The fear is that the colour will overwhelm the room.

Kim Lewis, the former production designer for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" offers some great solutions on how to handle this:

  1. Add an Accent - "If you're unsure about how bold you want to go, the key is to pick a few statement pieces in the room to introduce the hue. Consider orange vases, dish-ware or linens."
  2. Brush it On - "Find the focal wall in your kitchen and bath, and coat it with bold orange paint.  When using a daring paint colour, I suggest all other finishes in the space to be white or grey, creating a temporary or eclectic style"
  3. Immerse your Space - "Let's be honest - you want your kitchen or bath to be the talk of the neighbourhood, and using an orange countertop will empower the design of your home."
What I love about Kim's advice is that nowhere in there does she mention the word "trend"  Her advice will work for any bold colour.  Get in touch with me through my "About" page if you'd like to explore the some bold colours in your next kitchen or bath project!


  1. Loving that Orange Cool Silestone, Arne! Right up my alley!

  2. I too, HATE, hearing about color trends. I always encourage my clients to select colors that they love and not what's "in". I expressed my strong feelings about this in a blog post that I did a while back called "Color of the Year - Make it Your Color"–-make-it-your-color/
    Thanks, Arne, for your great blog post! 

  3. Heh, you made me grin with the "guess it's time to paint the kitchen again".  All "trends" are pretty much repetitions at this point -- didn't this color *used* to be Burnt Tangerine in the '70's? (I read that in a history book. *looks innocent*)  

    I agree with Leslie. If you like a color, have it. If you're nervous about it, have it in small doses like Kim says in the post. 

  4. I've known people who adopt every trend. Before long "the latest" becomes "sooooo over!" And they jump on the next trend, never learning! Call me boring, but I always have a butter yellow kitchen. Each of the four butter yellow kitchens I've had have looked very different from each other, but I felt "at home" with *my* colour.


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