Thursday, March 1, 2012

Appliance History 101 - The FOODARAMA

I introduced you to the amazing Kevin Kidney a few months back.  If you're at all a fan of Disney pop culture his blog is really a must follow.  Recently Kevin wrote about a series of storyboards used in making a 1955 appliance commercial.  Here's the ad that resulted:

Yeah ... it took me a while to get back to the storyboards myself.  Pretty amazing isn't it?  The FOODARAMA by Kelvinator is really the stuff of appliance legend.  It was introduced in 1955 as "the last word in food-keeping".  It could hold enough food for a family of four for a nuclear wintere, and even had a compartment in it that was .... are you ready? ... unrefrigerated!

Let's think about that for a second.  In a 47" wide refrigerator, they've actually dedicated space that was insulated from the cold.  Why?  So your bananas wouldn't brown of course!  I'm not sure why they didn't think about just leaving the bananas in a bowl on the kitchen table mind you.

But what's really interesting about the FOODARAMA is that the designers at Kelvinator spent the time to ask housewives (1955 remember ... men hadn't learned how to cook at home yet [tongue planted firmly in cheek]) how they used this appliance.  A breakfast bar?  Genius!

If you'd like to learn more about the FOODARAMA, Kevin wrote a great post about the introduction of the appliance at Disneyland's CIRCARAMA.  Who knew appliances and Cold War history went hand in hand?

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