Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sleek Vessels for the Bathroom

Bathroom vanities from the cabinet industry are, for lack of a better word, "bulky."  Since I work with a cabinet manufacturer, selling cabinets is good for me and my business, but there are certain instances where storage isn't an issue, and where the room in question calls for something sleek.  Today, some of the sleek new vanity sinks that have been hiding in my bookmarks file.

The Milestone is the creation of Italian architect Carlo Colombo.  A simple marble slab morphs delicately into an ultra thin lavatory that occupies very little actual space while making a very strong visual impact.  Even the drain is a "barely there" slit in the curve of the basin.  Probably not where I'd want to shave, but a perfect fit for a powder room.

This very industrial looking lav comes from Lago, the folks who brought us the colourful modular kitchens in my last post (a coincidence I promise). Called Steel (lost points for lack of originality) this sink can be adorned with all sorts of containers to turn the sink into a very colourful, if somewhat cluttered, washing centre.  This would be perfect for a loft apartment or kid's bathroom.  I'm not sure how strong the slanted sink would be if someone decided to climb onto it ...but at least you could bend it back into shape!

Designers have this terrific way of coming up with words to make the mundane sound sexy and designer-y.  Patina is such a word.  If I were to look at this sink and say it was really rusty, you wouldn't want it in your house.  But if I said this sink, made from Corten steel develops it's own patina ... I wouldn't be able to keep them in stock.  Corten steel is self-rusting, and the designers from A3Studios in Madrid thought it would make a fine vanity.  Or maybe they have an aversion to cleaning the bathroom.


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