Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Design: Office Space

Back in April I received an email from Useful Spaces reader Lorena Laurencelle of Yulu Communications regarding an office project they had just completed. No, it's not a kitchen, but the design of their new 300 square foot office on Granville Island can teach us a lot about good design and the value of working with a qualified designer.

The full report can be found on Yulu's blog, but I wanted to focus on a couple aspect of the project. First, the designer had the challenge of squeezing three work stations, a kitchenette and room for a boardroom table into the small space. This wasn't just about figuring out what would physically fit, but what would work with the work flow of the office. A boardroom table isn't much good if it prevents someone from opening their file drawers while it's being used.

There is in fact a small kitchenette in their office as well. By using a bar fridge and finding space in one of the drawers for drying dishes, Katie Schomaker (interior designer and owner of Katie Kovets) was able to free up counter space and keep lunch-time clutter from the rest of the office.  This is similar to trying to hide post-dinner clutter from the dining room in an open concept kitchen.

My favourite point from Lorena's post however was her discussion of the benefits of using a qualified designer to help with your project:
Some may feel that bringing a designer on is a luxury that they can’t afford but with the savings we had access to through Katie’s inside wholesale rates, we just about broke even. 
I would add that a qualified designer can sort out a solution to your problem more quickly than if you attempted to design a complicated room like an office or a kitchen on your own.  The experience we have leads us to a design solution sooner and more efficiently.

Thanks to Lorena for sharing this!

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