Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roofing Your Home: This Time It's Personal

I remember the last time we re-roofed our house.  I had just moved into it as a renter and my father (the owner) had me coordinate the project.  It was a mess.  There were old shingles over the place, my lawn mower picked up roofing nails (and hurled them across the street at neighbour's cars) for weeks afterwards and the project lasted for almost a full week because the roofer held down another job.

A couple months ago we noticed water leaking into the lens of an outdoor light fixture mounted beneath the eaves.  After further investigation, we decided the roof of 15+ years had served its purpose and needed to be replaced.  Crap.

Working with the trades on other people's homes is a piece of cake for me.   I hire the trades, they do the work and I deal with the customers.  It's not personal.  This time it was my home, and my money; very personal.  We brought in four companies to quote the job, and I'm happy to say they all showed up when they said they would and provided their quotations when they said they would.

The company we hired to do the work was not the biggest, nor the most "professional" looking.  He was however the least expensive.  Normally, that sort of thing is a red flag for me.  In my industry "less expensive"often equates to "cheap" and "cut corners", and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't concerned about this.

So why did we chose who we did?  Referrals.  These guys had impeccable referrals, one being from a family friend.  Each referral said these guys worked hard, worked clean and shoed up when they said they would.  That was good enough for me.

They showed up bright and early on day one, made sure the lawn was protected from the workers and the shingles they were removing.  They removed only a section at a time to be sure they'd be able to finish up an area in the event the rains came back (it's been crazy wet in Vancouver this year!).  And they worked.  Hard.  

The roofs (house and garage) were complete in two days.  That included all rubbish removed, walks swept, and the lawns run over with a magnet rake to remove nails.  For the last clean-up push they brought in a couple extra workers, and just as quickly as they arrived, they were gone and we were the proud owners of a new roof.

I'm a big believer in referrals.  In fact I base the majority of my new business on it.  Having work done on your home can be a very personal endeavour, so having someone else you know or trust tell you the people you're about to invite into (or onto) your home is extremely important.  In that spirit, I offer you the contact information for a really great roofing company in the Metro Vancouver area.  If you hire them, tell them I said "hi"

Lakeside Roofing
Wayne Gray
778 846-8717


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