Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tile With Texture II

There's a really strong trend in the tile industry towards texture.  Tiles that take advantage of all 3 dimensions add depth to a surface in a way that faux finishing can only dream about.  Tiles also have the added benefit of allowing precise repetition of design.  I've featured some textural tiles previously and have discovered a few more that really show off this trend.

WallArt has come up with a terrific new series of embossed tile (16 pattern in all) made out of a 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable product made from bagasse.  Bagasse is the fibrous residue that is left after sugarcane is crushed to create raw sugar.  Apparently it can be compressed and formed into all sorts of shapes ... these tiles as an example.  

Patters range from brick-like, to more organic waves and craters (shown left). The tiles are thinner than you might imagine, so cutting and installing them is relatively simple.

Maps and various forms of cartography have been finding their way into many aspects of design ... so why not tile?  Brazilian designer Renata Rubim has incorporated cityscapes into a series of tiles called appropriately enough, "CITY".

The tiles are made from refractory concrete so they're suitable for both floor and wall applications (I'm thinking behind an AGA or an outdoor grill).  Several different patterns are available, so rather than playing another round of Sim City perhaps you can fulfill your metropolis building desires in your own home.

I tend to avoid celebrity designers on Useful Spaces.  Not that I have any issue with them per se (okay maybe a little) I just don't feel they need my "help" in promoting their particular product.  But when we're talking about Lenny Kravitz, well, the coolness factor is just too overwhelming.

Lenny has collaborated with Lea Ceramiche to create Goccia wall tiles.  "Goccia" means "drop" in Italian, and when you look at the patterns in this series you see where the name comes from.  Quiet yet visually impactful Goccia are available strictly in black or white and in a glossy or matte finish

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