Monday, August 13, 2012

NIM: VibraAcoustic - Good Vibrations in the Bath

I'm a shower guy, and yes if you must know I like to sing in the shower.  Not rock ballads or anything like that ... usually soccer chants (quit laughing!) .  But I've heard tales of people who prefer taking a long soak in the tub with some music playing in the background.

Kohler has taken this idea a step further with their new VibraAcoustic line of tubs.  Plug your favourite MP3 player into one of these tubs and you can enjoy your favourite tunes in or out of the water.  Check out how they're using it in Rio, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Paris!

VibrAcoustic technology permeates your entire body with buoyant rhythms that carry you on a course toward complete relaxation. Vibrations surround your body and resound throughout your core as the slow, sonic rhythms pulse both above and below the waterline. Choose one of our four original compositions or listen to music on your own personal device. Either way, the resulting relaxation and calm is closer to a spa session than anything previous experienced in the bath.
I just want to know if my bubble bath would overflow if I played my extensive collection of Georgio Moroder albums.

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