Friday, September 21, 2012

Vin de Garde - Wine Design in Vancouver

For years I've been writing about the importance of consulting with a kitchen designer when planning for your kitchen, and how finding a designer that knows how to cook adds a level of understanding to that process.  The same applies to a wine cellar.

I met the guys from vin de guarde a number of years ago at the IDS West show in Vancouver.  I was  designing a wine cellar for a new client and was having trouble coming up with a simple and attractive way to do so.  Even though I have access to a cabinet shop, cabinet shops build boxes, which for limited applications are just fine for storing wine.  For a wine cellar ... not so much.

vin de garde focusses specifically on custom wine cellar designs.  They design them, build them, install them and can even help you decide how to stock them and maintain them.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.    Entrusting your wine collection to someone who knows and appreciates wine is going to go a long way.

vin de garde's product line has grown significantly from when I first encountered them.  I addition to the original wood racking system they produced (still one of the simplest and most versatile I've seen) they've added a number of modern racking systems as well as refrigeration units.  Take a few moments over on their website to see their full line of products, or to read about their design process.

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  1. Great, its similar to my friend`s wine store.



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