Monday, October 22, 2012

NIM: Future Appliances

Since 2002 appliance manufacturer Electrolux has been inviting industrial design students to submit their ideas for the appliance of the future to their Electrolux Design Lab.  The annual competition offers a prize of 5,000 euros and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center.  That's a pretty serious opportunity for some of the best new minds in industrial design, so you can imagine the entries did not disappoint.  Here are some highlights from the over 1,200 entries received:


Tastee is designed to mimic human taste buds, analyze what you are cooking, and tell you if you need more salt, oregano or wine (there's always room for more wine).  Designed by Christopher Holm-Hansen of Denmark.


Have you ever spent what seems like eternity of front of the stove stirring your risotto or polenta?  Well that is a problem no longer thanks to the Easystir—a mechanism that will stir endlessly by utilizing the magnetic field produced by an induction stove.  And because it only works when the stove is on, there's no need to for batteries or plugs!  Norwegian student Lisa Frodadottir Låstad designed the Easystir

And lest you think I'm only focussing on the (very intelligent) Scandinavians, I offer you the Impress from New Zealand designer Ben de la Roche.  Impress is a refrigeration "wall" that cools only what you put in it, thus conserving energy.  The concept is not only extremely functional, but the honeycomb design is visually appealing as well.

To see the designs from the 10 finalists of this year's competition, check out the slide-show here.


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