Thursday, November 22, 2012

Clever Safe For Home Security

Anybody who has stayed in a hotel in the last 5 years will recognize the item in the picture here.  The in-room safe has become so much a part of my landscape that I'm truly surprised when my hotel room doesn't have one.  Keeping my passport, wads of cash and my laptop safe while away from home is key to a successful vacation or business trip.

Now, I'm not normally a negative person ... that is I try to see avoid looking at the world with a "sky is falling" attitude.  But the fact is personal security is playing a bigger part in our everyday lives, not just when we're away from home.  So why not bring one of these guys home?

The folks at thought the same thing, and even added a few features of their own.  For one, they've made the My Cube safe available in six vibrant colours so if it has to be out in the open (aaaack!) at least it can coordinate with the rest of the decor.

But my favourite feature is the outlet they've installed on the inside.  You want to pop your laptop or smartphone inside while you go out for a beer ... er ... run around the park?  It may as well be charging at the same time.

All the features and benefits can be found on the web site, but it's essentially the same safe I've come to look for during hotel stays.  For just under $400 I'd say it's a pretty good addition to your home security plan.

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