Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Kitchen Computer: 1969 Edition

A couple posts ago I mentioned Neiman Marcus's list of Fantasy Gifts for 2012.  Just to show you how far we've come (and to prove to you that a bourbon-trailer is WAY better than technology at Christmas), have a gander at N-M's offering from 1969.  Yes, that behemoth that our lovely housewife/model is posing with is a computer.

Click on the image to enlarge it, but I'll save you a little time with the text below:
If only she can cook as well as Honeywell can compute. 
Her souffles are supreme, her meal planning a challenge?  She's what the Honeywell people had in mind when they devised our Kitchen Computer. 
She'll learn to programme it with a cross-reference to her recipes ny N-M's own Helen Corbitt.  Then by simply pushing a few buttons obtain a complete menu organized around the entreé.   
And if she pales at reckoning her lunch tab, she can programme it to balance the family checkbook.  (84A) 10,600 complete with 2 week programming course. 
The only thing I can't understand is how someone who can't balance a check-book is supposed to learn how to programme a computer.  Keep in mind this was 1969 so programming was more about learning binary code that using your mouse to click the "side dish" category.  For example, to tell the computer she wanted a meal designed around broccoli, she have to throw a series of switches to input "0001101000".  The computer would then respond with a series of lights that she would have to decode.

Anyone surprised they never sold a single unit?

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