Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fusion Pro Pre-Mixed Grout

One of the many benefits of being a CKD and associated with the NKBA is being able to learn about new products at our regular chapter meetings.  Sometimes the meeting is merely a refresher course on a subject matter of which we're all intimately familiar.  But even then there can be a little jewel of information that puts you ahead of the curve in the design world.

Last month our chapter put together Tile 101 at the Ames Tile showroom in Burnaby.  Participants attended five mini-seminars on various aspects and products related to the tile industry; design trends to the latest in installation techniques.  It was an excellent evening all around.

But my big takeaway from that evening was a new product from Custom Building Products (one of my usual grout suppliers) called Fusion Pro.  It's a pre-mixed grout that combines the ease of use and application of concrete based grouts with the durability and stain resistance of epoxy based grouts.  

We were all given a chance to work with it, and I can tell you it's so easy to work with I would use it to take on my own tile project. Now if only installing the tiles themselves was as simple!

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