Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ugly Kitchen Courtesy of is one of my guilty pleasures ... okay, it has more to do with my wife, but if she hadn't found it I most certainly would have.  The site encourages dog owners to shame their pets by posting pictures of their pets after they have committed an offense with a sign indicating what the dogs did.

Trust me, hilarity ensues.
Then one day I came across this picture of the waffle-ninja, and it occurred to me that I should start a similar site for kitchens.  Exactly what is that on the door behind Goodman?  Is that an overlay created by an over-zealous woodcutter/kitchen designer?  Or did it come from the factory that way?  And take a closer look at the countertop edge just above ... is that flagstone?  What really puzzles me is the quite modern looking range they've used.  Clearly, stainless steel doesn't work with Paul Bunyan chic.

So what do you think?  I'd even make Goodman the mascot.


  1. Hmm...sounds interesting.  I'm sure everyone would have a good laugh at the kitchen we are bearing with and it's retro look...including the masking tape underneath the counter covering the joint between the edge of the cabinets and the overhang.

  2. Perhaps its just this Southern-raised child's nostalgia-for-what-wasn't---my dusty-heat Summers of longing to just ONCE go to a camp in the glories that are Maine, with all the birches and the Adirondacks and the logs-and-sticks as furniture, but I find it to have a more-than-rustic charm.   Kinda like that time Genevieve painted a kitchen/dining wall with the stuff that makes the metal rust.

    And purely from a cook's POV, the tightly-sealed jars, with the verdigris lids of many-a-hot-day's-canning memory---jars with LIDS and all sorts of cans on the counter---those perhaps bespeak a not-used-often retreat, sealed tight from invaders and elements.   It's as if children dragged flat stones and twigs and branches up the rickety ladder to their tree-house, and made the comfort of home from what the land offered, inside and out.

    My own downstairs kitchen, with the wonky drawer and the dishwasher flanked by two unfinished 2x4s, spanged in with a heavy rubber mallet to stop the sag of the elderly counter---those would most probably be cause of levity should they be published.    And they work just fine.

    Of course, the UPSTAIRS model, with the seventies gold counters and stove, with matching  linoleum squares marching into infinity like a hall at Versailles---now THAT would fit your KS site no end.

    So I vote that Gooeman's little lapse happened at the Lake House.

  3. Rachel,

    You win my vote for "Reply of the Year".  Thanks for contributing!


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