Monday, January 21, 2013

Colour Trends - New Corian Colours for 2013

Last week Corian introduced their new colours to a select group at a special dinner in New York.  The idea was to create an experience that would help the diners understand the thought process that went into the development of the new colours.  Unfortunately for me, dining doesn't translate well through Twitter, but I was at least able to learn about some very exciting new offerings.

The nine new colours for 2013 have been divided into 3 "themes": Solidify, Interference and Raw.

Theme: Solidify
- Luna White
- Stardust
- Deep Sea
- Silver Gray
- Mineral

Theme: Interference
- Pebble
- Desert
Theme: Raw
- Whipped Cream
- Seafoam

I'm looking forward to having some samples in my hands soon so I can see some of the subtle variations in the colours Corian has been successfully introducing over the past few years.  Quartz may be leading the way in terms of "life-like" man-made materials, but the latest offerings from Corian are quickly closing the gap.

This just in:  CORIAN release this video to help explain the new colours.

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