Friday, February 8, 2013

Even More Clever Storage Solutions

Ever since I wrote about the in-countertop electrical outlet options available to designers, I have been thinking about other things that could be hidden beneath countertops and then "popped up" when needed.  Apparently so had the folks at S-Box.  In fact they've been thinking about it a lot and have come up with a series of well thought out, nicely engineered options for your kitchen.

By standardizing the unit size, the S-Box accessories can be easily integrated into the space behind drawers in most cabinets (check with your line of cabinetry first - some modification to drawer depth may be required.)  S-Box offers several options for things to hide: keys, knives, spices, televisions and once it receives approval from North American authorities, electrical power.


What I really appreciate about the S-Box system is the way they've considered how the device will look when installed into your kitchen.  Personally I think the standard stainless steel option looks terrific.


But if you have a beautiful piece of granite or butcher block for your work surface you may not want to the S-Box to "blemish" the surface.  S-Box allows you to hide the lid by using the countertop material as the lid creating an almost invisible installation.

For complete information on the S-Box line of accessories, visit their website.

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