Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stilje Cabinet Doors - Bringing Texture To Contemporary

The strongest trend in cabinetry style that I see in my practice is easily the "slab".  Flat panels, either laminate, painted, or veneer are dominating the market place.  And while the coldness of a painted slab door can be offset with the warmth of veneers (engineered or otherwise) there is still something lacking in the contemporary world of slab.  Texture.

And while it may be true that the texture of a paneled door is too traditional for the modern aesthetic, I really feel the lack of depth (visual and actual) in the kitchen often leaves things a bit two dimensional.  So it was with great interest that I examined some door samples in the Schenke booth at the recent BUILDEX show in Vancouver.

Schenke manufactures the Stilje series of slab doors.  All the usual players are there: high gloss (with glass no less), veneer, painted ... and then there's the Kitsilano series.  Kitsilano is a slab door offered in several different textures and colours each with varying degrees of texture.  

Favourites are Ocean that as you would expect features deep, wave-like ripples in the surface, and Borke that appears as though it was ripped from the trunk of an ancient Douglas Fir.

In addition to the wood veneers, the Kitsilano doors are also available in a paintable white foil allowing for it to be integrated into any colour scheme.

I see these panels being integrated to create a feature area in a sleek painted kitchen (or a wood veneer kitchen in the case of the paintable doors).  An entire kitchen of Wave doors might be a bit much.  But use them for a run of upper cabinetry, or to make an island really stand out and you'll add a bit of that missing texture into a world of smooth.

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