Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Textured Glass Tiles from Interstyle

I began my career in kitchen design almost 20 years ago with a company called EnviroSafe Cabinets.  That company no longer exists but the company we shared office space with, Interstyle Tile, most certainly does.  Even before I became involved with specifying tiles for my clients, the glass tile made by Interstyle always struck me as some of the most beautiful tile I had ever seen.  Today, Interstyle is world renowned for their glass tiles and yet they continue to be made right here in my home town of Burnaby, BC.  And when they continue to introduce lines like Tatami it's no wonder their reputation remains so strong.

"Sculpted glass tiles with a linear flow, enhanced by the texture and the refraction of light through the tile. Inspired by the tradition of Japanese mats & woven patterns, the result is a stunning expression of texture and movement that transforms any residential or commercial surrounding into an event."
Tatami is available as 1/2" x 4" "batons" assembled in (approx.) 1 square foot sheets.  12 colours are available, in two textures and one of 3 layouts:

For more information on Tatami, and Interstyle's amazing selection, check out their website.

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