Sunday, April 14, 2013

DuVerre Hardware - The Kids Are All White

Apologies on the ban pun in the title, but I've been in my bedroom for the better part of the afternoon packing my bags for BlogTour New Orleans and KBIS and I've had 1960's UK rock to keep me company.  This week has been extremely busy for me which will hopefully explain my absence from posting.  I promise I'll make up for it with lots of new things from KBIS and the sponsors for BlogTour.

One of those sponsors is DuVerre Hardware, who regrettably won't be able to attend BlogTour.  Still, they thought enough of my query (on Twitter - @DuverreHardware - more on this in a bit) about one of their new lines to send me a new sample board.  A crazy week is always made better with new samples. 

DuVerre is Canadian based (beauty eh!) and produces some of the most creative cabinet surface hardware I've come across ... ever.  While other companies are stealing ideas from each other and finding cheaper ways to make knobs and pulls, DuVerre has focussed it's attention on design and sustainability.

Each of DuVerre's lines is produced in collaboration with one of a roster of award-winning designers and artists.  No shortage of new ideas here.  And thanks to some new thinking in the manufacturing process, each piece of die cast hardware is crafted from recycled aluminum that is fully compatible with LEED objectives.

My query?  A while back I wrote about a change in colour trends, and noted that white was coming back in a big way.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what new white products show up at KBIS, but I'd heard through the grapevine (likely Modenus) that DuVerre was starting to produce some of there lines in white.  The prospect of being able to bring white into my projects in a new way was too good to be true ... so I asked.  A week later, these were on my desk:

I already have a couple projects in mind for these, but before I set them free on my clients I'll be handling them ... a lot.  While this hardware looks amazing I have a concern that the white is going to look ... well, less white over time.  My initial attempts to scuff them failed, but it's only fair (to my clients) I give them a full test.  I'll let you know how things work out in a few weeks.  Honestly?  I'm hoping they hold out because the coolness factor on this finish is too good to ignore.

My participation in BlogTour New Orleans has been made possible by the generous support of the sponsors, and while I will be sharing their stories with you, the views expressed are all my own.

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