Friday, May 3, 2013

BlogTourNOLA - Steam Therapy, Stress & Swedes

If you've been following #BlogTourNOLA on Twitter you may already know that American Airlines decided to have their computers crash (maybe decided is too strong a word, but I'm sticking with it) the day I flew from Vancouver to Louis Armstrong International.  After fourteen hours of stressful travel I was looking forward unwinding in the steam room at the hotel.  Regrettably the steam room was out of order ...  a Sazerac in the hotel bar was a poor substitute.

When I discussed the subject of steam rooms with a colleague, he told me he felt they were too expensive for the average consumer, who wasn't really interested in them anyway. While I agree his observations are a common perception, the fact is steam is affordable and something that anyone (especially a tired traveler) can appreciate.

During BlogTour I was introduced to the Mr. Steam product line, and to "Mrs. Steam" aka Martha Orellana, Mr. Steam's Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Martha lives and breaths the steam shower lifestyle.  She told me about the "Virtual Spa" on the Mr. Steam website; simply enter the dimensions of the steam-room-to-be and the Virtual Spa will create a shopping list for you:

Actual List Generated by VirtualSpa

How simple is that?  You can also visit their SteamTherapy blog for advice on how to put your steam room together, and for simple ways to incorporate steam into your everyday life.  There's everything from the basic "Butler" package, to the high tech "iSteam" package.  Remote control steam?  I suppose after all that steam I may just become lazy enough ...

I've been a fan of steam rooms ever since I was introduced to them by a Swedish neighbour.  He was a bit of a madman about steam rooms, doing half an hour of rigorous calisthenics in sweltering humidity after we'd just spent an hour playing squash ... and kicking my ass in the process.  You'd never know he was 35 years my senior.  "It's the steam", he'd say.

My participation in BlogTour New Orleans has been made possible by the generous support of the sponsors, and while I will be sharing their stories with you, the views expressed are all my own.

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