Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bi-Fold Shower Door

I'm finishing up a bathroom project this week and wanted to share a detail that was a true collaboration. I started with an idea, which was modified by another idea my client picked up from my glass fabricator's web site (which turned out to be an idea my glass fabricator borrowed from another fabricator) and finally morphed into the shower door you see here:

The idea I started with was based on the shower "shields" you find in many European washrooms; a partial glass shield that prevents the shower from spraying all over the bathroom without completely blocking access to the tub.  

It was a good idea, but the client said he planned on using the tub more than the shower and didn't want to feel "closed in".  The hope was to have the glass fold out of the way. However, if we kept the shield at a size that would prevent shower spray it would be to big to fold, and if we made it smaller it wouldn't stop the spray.  So we added the bifold:

This is how the shield will spend most of its time; folded up against the wall.  It should be noted that in the open position the shield is not secured in place.  If you lean up against it you will come tumbling out onto the floor.  As such it's not a great solution for someone with any balance issues, but for this client it was the perfect answer.


  1. Nicely done. I would worry that someone would pull/lean on the glass. I'd also feel more comfortable with three hinges. Can you tell I worry just a little bit?

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence Ann! ;-)

    As to using 3 hinges ... I hear you, but my glass fabricator assures me I'm fine. Rest assured there's solid backing in the wall where the hinges are located.

    The lack of rigidity in the panel won't be a concern for this client for sure. Perhaps future owners, but that's not in the cards.

  3. Hi really like this where can I buy one from ?

  4. Thanks for the comment Paul. This was a custom design. Check with you local shower door supplier.


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