Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Uplifting Countertop Installation

One of the benefits of quartz surfacing is the standard sheet sizes available.  Sheets as long as 120" allow designers to specify longer runs of countertops and larger island tops without having to also specify a seam.  This is a major benefit to the designer and the home owner, but can create some problems for the installers.

This is a kitchen I'm working on in the False Creek neighbourhood in Vancouver (click on the image for a full sized view).  It's a second floor suite, and therein lies the problem.  The customer (and I) wanted this run to be seamless resulting in a run of 111", a size that can be produced without a seam in the Cambria quartz we have selected.  The trouble arrises when you try and figure out how to get this very large piece up to the second floor.  111" is too long to fit into the elevator, and the stairwells in the building have too many twists and turns to walk it up the stairs (not even considering how heavy this piece is!).

The solution was to bring the countertop material up the outside of the building ... with a crane.  My fabricators, Colonial Countertops, had obviously done this many times before because they called me well before the installation with the solution and the associated costs.  Yesterday was installation day and out of curiosity and fear I had to watch 1000's of dollars of quartz go airborne:

If you don't want to watch the entire video (feel free to skip to the end) everything went perfectly.  I think you'll agree the anxiety I felt watching the countertops get craned in was worth it in the end.  

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  1. NICE ! I had same situation with a mirror once ... stressful , but like you said, it got done no problem. No seams = crane !


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