Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Job: Week One

The lunch you see set out on the island of the Varenna "Twelve" kitchen at 50 Water Street (second floor) is the product of yours truly.  It's indicative of an attitude that is very prevalent at Inform; you do what needs doing.

So today, because the showroom was quite busy and because we were a little short staffed, I took the leftovers from last weeks anniversary party (50 years for Inform & the owners' birthday parties) and put together lunch.  I'm not up to speed on the couches, so my culinary skills were more helpful at the time.

If you follow me on Twitter (@ArneSalvesen) you've had a bit of an idea of what my first week has been like.  If I told you I have been learning to design with two of the best lines of European cabinetry, that would sound pretty amazing.  The reality is I've been reading endlessly dull catalogues in PDF form.  Okay, it's not dull to me but it's sure not glamourous.  The reality of how much I have to learn is really starting to settle in.  I fluctuate between panic (usually when someone asks me what other fabrics a chair comes in) and excitement (when I realize what I'm going to be able to create with Boffi & Varenna).

I've also been able to start putting my stamp on the showrooms.  Last week, I did two site visits and was able to chat with two of the installers we use at Inform.  Today the owner and I were looking at the Varenna display and discussing how to stage it better.  "So do it!" she said.  And so I did.  Last week we received an electric grill from Gaggeneau that I was able to install.  No wiring mind you, but assembly was required.

What's been great about this sort of work is that I've been able to feel like I'm able to use the knowledge I've spent 20 years accumulating and contribute (and EARN my salary).  I know I'll get there ...

One last thing about the new job, the commute has taken some getting used to.  For years I've typically set my own hours, but also needed to be on job sites quite regularly.  A car was essential.  So far I've been able to be a happy commuter.  Well perhaps "happy" is a bit strong, but I'm really enjoying not having to deal with rush hour.

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