Monday, October 7, 2013

NIM: Integrated Technologies in the Home.

On new idea Mondays I’ve presented a number of gadgets related to the kitchen. Whether a prototype refrigerator or the latest way to text in your coffee order, technology is being used to improve the way existing tools work in the home. But what about the way we work with technology?

I’ve written about integrated technologies before, Control4 for example; controlling multiple devices with a central interface is great, but if you consider the way we access information technologies on our smartphones and handheld devices, making this available in our every day routines is a natural next step.

 Microsoft recently released this video to give us a glimpse into an integrated future. What I like about their vision is that it really isn’t employing anything new. We all search online for recipes, and use the internet to communicate with each other. What’s new here is how we will do that.

... while none of these ideas are meant to be predictive about our products, they do highlight some of the key trends we’re investing in, such as machine learning and NUI. They also give you a sense of where these technologies could lead us over the next five to ten years.

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