Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NIM: The Future of Light Control - or - Goldee Lightswitch and the Smart Bulbs

Excuse the delay of today's New Idea Monday, but the company that has created the product that is the subject of today's post has asked that information about it not be released until today, November 26, 2013.

The introduction of products like the Nest thermostat, smart products that learn and "anticipate" our daily routines are starting to become common place in the home. The team at Goldee (shown left) is hoping to capitalize on this, and I think they're really on to something great.

Goldee will work with standard wiring and standard bulbs to create a lighting system that learns how a particular home is used during the day. It can be programmed to slowly turn on the lights to gently wake you up, and will turn off lights once you've left a room. If you've been away from the house for an extended period of time, Goldee will start turning lights off and on based on what it has learned about your daily routine. No more programming automatic switches every time you leave for vacation.

The colour scenarios seen in the video do require an upgrade to Smart LED bulbs, but you were already going to do that anyway, right? 

Even though this is an amazing and useful piece of technology, what really impresses me about Goldee is how well designed it is. The simplicity of its shape combined with the elegant graphics will make it very easy to integrate Goldee into any decor.

As is this case with many new tech items, Goldee is looking for "jump start" financing, asking users to invest in the company and in return getting the opportunity to become early adopters and impress their friends with the latest gizmos. Just in time for Christmas!

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