Monday, December 30, 2013

NEOLITH - The Next BIG Thing in Countertops?

Over my 20 years in the kitchen design industry, I've been introduced to many surfacing materials that tout themselves as being the next "big" thing.  Very few (quartz surfacing such as Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, Zodiaq, etc.) manage to stick around, the majority fail.  My recycling bin after a year of trade shows is proof of this.

So you'll understand when I'm not quite prepared to throw myself behind a new offering from TheSize called Neolith.  I've heard good things about it from people I trust, and Neolith will be at KBIS this February in Las Vegas so I hope to do some due diligence then (more on that trip later).

Neolith is available is 3, 5, and 12mm thicknesses with laminations available to make up various other thicknesses.  What I find really appealing however is the "extra huge" 3600mm x 1200mm format.  That's almost 12'!  Think of the islands that can be created without a seam.  Think of the seamless shower walls! They've also added a new 3200 x1500 format, especially helpful for wider applications. 

As far as performance goes, it seems to have all the characteristics of the higher end surfacing materials on the market:  colour fast, durable, food safe, recycled material content.  Take a minute and watch these manly men put Neolith through its paces:

Unlike quartz surfaces it's relatively lightweight; the largest sheet (3200mm x 1500mm) weights 30kg in a 3mm thickness.  This makes it a perfect material not only for horizontal surfaces, but vertical as well.  How about skinning some cabinet doors with a 3mm layer of Neolith?  Stone kitchen anyone?

I will be at KBIS 2014 in Las Vegas this year and will bring back my findings.  I'm hoping Neolith is as good as it appears because it's one of the first "new" ideas I've seen in surfacing in a while.

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