Tuesday, January 14, 2014

KBIS 2014 - Looking Back to Look Ahead

As mentioned in my last post, I will once again be attending KBIS.  The annual showcase for the kitchen and bath industry will be held in Las Vegas from February 4-6, and for the first time will be held in conjunction with the International Builders Show, the annual showcase for the National Home Builders’ Association.  To say there will be a lot to cover in 3 days is quite the understatement … which is one of the reasons I’m taking 5 days to cover it (pre-show meetings, etc.)

In preparation for this year’s KBIS I have been sorting through notes and bookmarks 
from the past year to see what I should be following up with.  Amy Albert’s article from was fortunately bookmarked.  In it she discusses the top kitchen trends seen at last year’s show.  So what I thought I’d do is note them here, and then after the show in February I’ll see if these trends still hold true, or if they’ve been replaced by something else.

1) The kitchen remains the focus of most homes, custom or spec. Having a solid design from the start allows custom details to be planned for, and substantially more affordable.

2) Spend less on cabinet faces and focus more of the budget towards high quality interior fittings and accessories.  Some of the new laminates available paired with laser-welded edge technology makes this increasingly easy to do.

3) Outdoor kitchens are still front and centre … but so is including outdoor space as part of the overall plan.  Open those patio doors and let the kitchen party spill outside!

4) If space permits, let your inner Downton Abbey loose and consider a butler’s pantry that can function as a prep space and staging area.

5) Layered lighting.  Ambient, task and architectural.  Some things should never change.

6) The appliance category continues to grow. Warming drawers, coffee machines and steam ovens are being joined by the wine caddy and more induction cooktops than I can count.  What will 2014 bring?  Hint:  WINE.

7) Sleek and modern.  Considering my recent job change I’m certainly agreeing with this!

8) Banquettes are back (did they ever really leave?)

I know some of these are old news, but quite a few (3,5 & 6 to be specific) are still very strong.  What trends do you see for 2014?  Which ones are "pining for the fjords" and need to retire?

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  1. Arne I freaking LOVE that modern kitchen you did. Hey to the gang at KBIS - looking fwd to seeing it through your eyes, especially IBS stuff. And whattya mean 'recent job change'??


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