Monday, February 10, 2014

KBIS 2014 Roundup: Appliances

I've just returned from Las Vegas and the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and am starting to go through the photographs, literature, and notes.  Thanks to digital media rooms and USB drives I didn't exceed my luggage weight limit with all the information, but there's still a lot to sift through.

On the whole, KBIS was a huge success this year.  Over 75,000 visitors wandered the halls on the Las Vegas Convention Centre over 3 days, significantly up from last year.  Of course, being paired with the International Builders Show provided a big boost for KBIS (and vice versa), but there was a noticeable buzz on the floor this year that had been missing since the first KBIS I attended in 2007.  There was still the remnants of "recession" talk from some of the vendors, but for the most part the mood was quite upbeat.

Having said that, I still find these shows can be a bit disappointing.  We are so connected these days through the Internet that it's difficult to be surprised anymore.  The latest product offerings are sent to our inboxes every day so by the time we get to a show like KBIS we're faced with a show that lacks a "wow" factor.  Fortunately, this year's KBIS had a number of surprises that kept things interesting.

Rather than look at the show chronologically like I've done previously, I've decided to break everything down and examine what turned heads in specific categories.  Today, it's all about appliances and electronics.

Even though Sub Zero & Wolf were absent from the show floor (I've been told they will participate in the 2015 show when it returns to Las Vegas) they managed to show off their redesigned lines at a private event held at the Mandarin Residential Suites.  3 luxury suites were decked out by Bruce Anderson Interiors and each of them featured live kitchens with the New Generation line of appliances from Wolf and Sub Zero.

Not only did I have a chance to see the new product installed, but I could see each of them in use by the catering chefs.  The chefs (not surprisingly) had nothing but great things to say about the new lines, and if the food coming from the kitchen was any indication they also enjoyed cooking on them.

The re-tooling of the Sub Zero line is long overdue.  Their fridges have always been very well made, but seemed to lack some of the modularity present in other lines.  Thankfully that has been remedied.  The biggest change in the Wolf line has been in the appearance of their wall ovens.  I've shown the Transitional double oven here.  There's also a Modern series, and Professional that sports the iconic red knobs.  I'm not a fan of the Professional series, but think the other two are a huge aesthetic improvement over their previous lines.

Lifestyle appliances were also well represented.  Wolf has added an integrated coffee maker, which I have to admit I find a bit odd considering other manufacturers are dropping the category.  Having said that, Wolf's coffee machine has the nice design feature of a separate milk system.  Rather than having to clean milk residue out of the plumbing as has been the case in most coffee machines, Wolf's allows you to remove the milk system and wash it easily in the dishwasher.

The same feature can be found in Dacor's WineStation.  The WineStation allows for four bottles of wine to be kept at four unique temperatures, with each bottle attached to it's own removable pouring head.  The system charges each bottle with Argon gas; preventing the wine from oxidizing and preserving the flavour for up to 60 days, making it a perfect appliance for those who like to entertain.  No disrespect to the coffee market, but this is what I would add to my kitchen.

Dacor also became one of the first appliance manufacturers to enter into the "connected technology" marketplace.  You'll find their "iQ" interface available in their 30" wall oven (single & double) and 48" pro-style range.  The Android based interface allows the user to control the appliance with an app (Android or iOS).  Download recipes directly into your range? Pre-heat your oven from the grocery store?  Receive a text message that your roast is approaching the desired temperature?  All possible with iQ.

I'm still not convinced this is a real "game changer" in the industry.  I'm more of the "simpler is better" approach, and believe the further we are removed from the cooking process the more likely it is that we'll end up with burnt turkey.  Having said that ... it's on your handheld device.  These days that seems to sell.

To illustrate the "simpler is better" approach, I'd like to introduce you to the Docking Drawer.  The Docking Drawer allows the installation of a single gang outlet into a drawer box creating a convenient (hidden) place to charge your portable devices.  The flexible cable shield ensures electrical connections won't be compromised, and (more importantly) will pass electrical inspections.  UL approval is pending, and they've started the CSA approval process.

Finally, I present my favourite appliance find for KBIS 2014.  The Mare hoodfan (from Italian manufacturer Falmec) addresses a common issue for me, and does so in a very stylish way.  The Mare uses Falmec's E-Ion technology to clean the air so does not require a duct.  This is a perfect solution for the concrete condominiums I deal with, and since the Mare can be used in either wall or island applications it frees me up to design the kitchen in the best way possible.  And if the Mare doesn't fit your project aesthetics there are several other designs available.  The E-Ionic component of the fan is replaceable (est. every 5 years) as is the grease trap.

Was there anything you saw at KBIS that caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments below, on Google+ +Useful Spaces  or on Twitter at @ArneSalvesen.  Next on the KBIS Roundup: Plumbing Fixtures.

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